Yoga and travel complement each other beautifully; yoga and solo travel even more so. You can take yoga anywhere with you or you can find it anywhere in the form of eco-retreats on sunny beaches, humble ashrams or high-end luxury. Websites such as and list Morocco, Portugal, Ireland, Israel and Greece among the many stunning locations where you can find all-inclusive yoga packages, some at a pretty price. If budget wasn’t an issue I’d happily do all of them. But budget is an issue so I’ve only done one yoga retreat and that was at Burren Yoga and Meditation Centre in the West of Ireland,  and it was money well spent – very well spent.

1528713_580913582001060_619028665_nBurren Yoga and Meditation Centre is located in the Burren region of County Clare, an ecologically unique and diverse landscape of giant limestone slabs, ancient megalithic tombs and dolmens, and non-indigenous plant-life…

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